Town & Country Awards 2017

We have now published a leaflet on our Town & Country Awards competition for 2017.  The leaflet contains a nomination form and an explanation of how to nominate and which projects will be eligible for an award this year.  In summary these are:

1. Preservation and enhancement of the landscape

2. A smaller-scale project involving the design and implementation of one of the following, which is publicly accessible, or in school grounds:

  • a garden

  • a wildlife area

  • a play area

  • an example of local craftsmanship

  • a newly-opened access to the countryside

3.  Urban enhancements:

  • a public space in an urban area

  • regeneration in an urban area

  • re-use of a brownfield site

4.  Buildings in any location featuring:

  • sympathetic restoration and re-use

  • an example of innovative new build

  • novel energy-saving measures

  • an outstanding design

5. A recent project more than five years old, from any of the above categories, that is well-maintained and continues to meet its purpose