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From time to time we publish guides/papers which we hope will be of interest to both professionals and laypeople.  These publications become out-of-date as the years go by, but we believe the following still have relevance.


Northamptonshire Countryside Design Guide


New building does not have to follow old patterns but it does at least need to fit in with the distinctive vernacular style of Northamptonshire.  We hope that this Design Guide will assist planning authorities, parish councils and developers to create a built environment of which the county can be proud.


Download the Design Guide here.


Solar Farms - CPRE Northamptonshire policy


A brief statement by trustee Brian Skittrall of our policy on solar farms.  We support the increased use of solar energy over fossil fuels, but developments should be sited where they do least damage to our precious landscapes.


Download the Solar Farms statement here.

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