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Few would disagree that litter is a national scourge.  Wherever we go, be it footpath, pavement, road or motorway, we cannot escape it - cans, glass and plastic bottles, cigarette packets, chocolate wrappers and worse.  And then there is fly-tipping - beds, mattresses, sofas, rubble of all sorts.  England is often very far from being a green and pleasant land.


What to do about it?


Nationally CPRE has with varying degrees of success campaigned for the banning of single use plastic bags, the introduction of a deposit return scheme and a reduction in pointless packaging.


Is it time for fines for littering to be increased and the law to be enforced more strictly?  Perhaps, but ultimately littering stems from a lack of care for public spaces and an appalling disregard for others that use them.  Education, education, education would seem to be the solution.      

Fly tipping - sml.jpg
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