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A branch of the campaign to protect rural england

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We are working for a beautiful and living countryside throughout the county

Our aim is to influence planning decisions that affect the countryside at local and national levels, and to initiate and support activities that directly improve the countryside and rural communities

A beautiful, tranquil, diverse and productive countryside is fundamental to people's quality of life, wherever they live

What we do
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Musings on countryside, campaigning, railways and poetry

If you are a countryside campaigner, or a national treasure such as John Betjeman, how do you compare the Northamptonshire countryside with that of Berkshire for example?  Or with Lincolnshire?  How do current threats to the countryside compare with those…

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Brownfield first

CPRE has for some time recommended a policy of brownfield first – using land that is now redundant after having been previously developed - for building much-needed houses, in preference to taking farmland. While many people immediately see the sense…

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Town & Country Awards 2017

We have now published a leaflet on our Town & Country Awards competition for 2017.  The leaflet contains a nomination form and an explanation of how to nominate and which projects will be eligible for an award this year.  In…

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School Rubbish Campaign

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