2020 Litter Heroes - how we changed our plans

If you were able to hold a 2020 community litter pick before lockdown commenced in March, then well done - very few people did! The coronavirus pandemic severely affected our 2020 awards, as well as virtually everything else in life.
There was no reasonable way to judge the relative efforts of our 2020 Litter Heroes, so we could no longer award money prizes on a fair and equitable basis. However, we did want to stay true to our stated aims and to be as fair as possible to all our litter pickers. Our promise in early February was: “To fight litter, this summer a total of £2,000 in prizes will reward litter picking groups from villages, towns, schools and communities across Northamptonshire”.
We thought hard about how we could stay true to our pre-pandemic intentions. Having consulted with our generous sponsor, David Laing, we concluded that the least bad option was to rollover £500 to an extra prize in our 2021 Awards and then to offer the remainder to our litter-picking supporters this year. All the groups that registered a litter pick plan with us in February or March were given priority access to litter-picking grants. These were available for picking or safety equipment, publicity materials or other costs of organising the next pick. The remaining funding was then opened to all our picking community on a similar basis.
We hope to be announcing another series of Awards in 2021. If you would like to get onto our emailing list on behalf of your community or youth group, contact us at info@cprenorthants.org.uk.
Photographs are from litter pickers in Brigstock, Mears Ashby and Warmington.  These and many other Northamptonshire groups shared their experiences with us again this year.