Litter Heroes are now set to win even more

Calling the Litter Heroes -

and their Northamptonshire village or town or school or community groups

Litter continues to be big news.  Awareness is growing across the country, and indeed across the world, about something many of us have been concerned about for years: we cannot just throw and dump packaging, and other detritus of our 21st century way of life, anywhere we choose.  Our litter campaign strives to increase awareness, and to encourage a change in behaviour, with the aim that plastic and other unwanted packaging never reaches the great outdoors in the first place.  Schoolchildren are a very important target for this message, but then so are adults of all ages.

As the problem gets bigger, we are announcing a significant change for our 2019 Awards

For 2019 we are delighted that our prizes are personally sponsored by David Laing, HM Lord-Lieutenant of Northamptonshire and president of CPRE in the county.  This will enable us to award our successful litter pickers more than twice as much in prize cheques than in previous years.

This summer, a total of more than £2,000 will be awarded to village and other groups of litter pickers across Northamptonshire

As previously, the prize money may be spent on any community-related project in the local area of the winning group, at their discretion.  This year's Litter Heroes Awards will therefore continue the successful formula of encouraging village and community group litter picks.

To enter this year’s Awards:

  • Motivate a team of pickers in your village or town or school or community group.  It doesn't matter whether your group are already regular pickers, or intend to start this year.
  • Choose a picking date between now and June 22, 2019, and let us know your planned date by an email to  Think about school term dates, publicity (posters by schoolchildren?), vegetation growth (some groups prefer the early spring, before the grass gets too long), sunset times, other scheduled local events and suchlike factors.  If you are unsure about how to organise a pick, please ask us.
  • Afterwards, email your best three or four picking photographs to us, with a few paragraphs telling us how it was organised, who was involved and what happened at your litter pick.  If you’re not sure what to include in your report, ask us what has impressed the judging panel in previous years. 

The cheques will be presented to the winners at a meeting in the summer.  There will be a number of prizes, totalling £2,000 in all, awarded to groups who have involved a cross section of their community, with an additional prize for children and young people from schools and youth groups.

Happy picking!

CPRE Northants litter campaign team

Photo: one village has a nice cheque from David Laing to spend on community reated projects after a succssful litter pick in 2018.