Our Branch Strategy

CPRE Northamptonshire Executive Board has been reviewing our branch vision and strategy, to ensure that it reflects our aims and ambitions. The result can be seen on the diagram, once you have clicked Read More for a better view.

We hope that it illustrates our branch vision clearly, and the four objectives that have been crafted to move us towards this aspiration (click for a full screen image).


The strategy builds on the direction of travel already in place.  It aligns with the national CPRE approach where appropriate to do so.  We would like to hear from our members before finalising it.


Email info@CPRENorthants.org.uk with your feedback or questions on the vision and strategy.  Share with us your thoughts as to how the strategy should be implemented.


And please, let us know if you wish to be involved in that implementation.  To make progress towards this vision we need as many volunteers as possible to play a part.  We must supplement our current team of volunteers if we are to be successful in reaching our goals.  Expertise with social media would be especially welcome.