New: CPRE Northants Community Awards

Over the years, within the list of entries for our Town and Country Awards, there have been some fascinating projects, involving groups of volunteers, such as community gardens and community run shops, that are difficult to judge against the majority of our other entries.

CPRE Northamptonshire has now launched a Community Awards Scheme, which will run on the alternate years between the Town and Country Awards. Entry is open to community projects that have protected or enhanced Northamptonshire as a place to live, work and enjoy. The first awards will take place in July 2018, so entries should be sent by the end of May 2018.

Submissions are welcomed for any community project, not an individual person, where a significant enhancement has been made to the countryside or urban environment.  Permission must be obtained from the group before submitting an entry.

To make a nomination, write short statement about the project and what you think the group has achieved. This should be accompanied by photographs, with "befores" and "afters" if appropriate.  Then please send it to, before the end of May 2018.