A strategy for CPRE Northamptonshire

Here is the recent letter mailed to all our members - 

Forward Strategy: from Opposition to Co-operation


A message from the Chairman

I am writing to all Members to let you have a copy of the Forward Strategy for the Branch, which has recently been approved by the Executive Committee and presented to meetings of both Districts. 

CPRE in Northamptonshire is long-established and has an enviable track-record of achievement.  So why do we need a new strategic plan?  Well, there are both major developments in Northamptonshire, as well as significant changes in CPRE nationally.  Our county faces a massive expansion of jobs and houses, which will have inevitable consequences for the infrastructure, and place ever greater pressure on the countryside.  And, at the national level, CPRE is seeking to increase its campaigning impact, and to better articulate the positivity of CPRE’s core purpose to new audience.

Against this background I think we have two key priorities:

  • To develop a better articulated view of what we want the countryside to be and do in 21stcentury Northamptonshire.
  • To be in the loop with organisations and initiatives that can make a difference to the longer term thinking and impact on our county and its countryside.

As an organisation, we have many strengths, particularly relating to the work of the Technical Secretaries, professional advice on planning issues and various activities which engage the wider community.  There are however, weaknesses in terms of our limited membership, the dependence on fund raising, and the partial and variable support of Parish Councils.  As a result, the Branch must enlarge and refresh its membership and regularise its annual income, whilst at the same time work with other relevant organisations across the county in order to develop a clear understanding of the role and contribution of the countryside in 21stcentury Northamptonshire.

I hope you will feel that this Forward Strategy sets a clear and positive way forward for our Branch, and I look forward to working with all our members to turn this plan into actions and making CPRE in Northamptonshire even more effective.

Martin Gaskell

Here is the link to the full document