Letter of thanks to Chris Heaton-Harris MP

Daventry MP Chris Heaton-Harris has organised a letter to David Cameron, signed by 106 MPs, criticising the industry as “inefficient” and demanding that its £400 million-a-year subsidies should be “drastically cut”.  The letter also outlines fears that turbines can blight the countryside, and urges the Prime Minister to change planning laws so communities can more easily prevent them from being built.

This Branch, ably led by Brian Skittrall, has been playing a very active role in supporting the defence of the county against aggressive wind power development.  We are very pleased that so many MP's have now challenged current Government policy on the subject, and we have recorded our support to Chris Heaton-Harris MP, who co-ordinated their letter:

Dear Mr. Heaton-Harris,

As you know the Northamptonshire Branch of CPRE has been very active and vocal in calling for a review of government policy on the onshore wind power industry, especially in the face of the very substantial number of wind farm development applications the county is now facing.

We are very gratified that you and so any other Members of Parliament have written to the Prime Minister on the subject, and we very much hope that, despite early responses, the Government will be receptive to your initiative which we fully support.  Quite apart from all the issues of environmental impact, efficiency and real cost associated with onshore wind power, it simply cannot be right for the industry to demand subsidy (at consumer expense) to encourage new wind farm developments if, as we know, such very high levels of profitability are generated when they are in operation.

We believe that it is entirely appropriate that the new Secretary of State be required to reconsider the level of subsidy which is appropriate to the onshore wind industry at this stage of its development, given the known level of its profitability.

Best Regards,

David Montagu-Smith,


CPRE West Northamptonshire District

The letter from the MPs to David Cameron is here.