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We hold regular Planning Roadshows on topics likely to be of interest to our members.  They are aimed primarily at parish councils but individual members are welcome to attend.  A typical Roadshow includes two presentations and a Q&A session with a halftime break for refreshments.  


We plan to hold at least two Roadshows a year.  Our recent Roadshow on 22 June 2023 "Are changes to our Planning System passing you by?" was well supported and for those who were not able to attend a copy of the presentation slides are available here.

We will be holding a further Roadshow in the autumn - details to follow.

Recent topics:

October 2020 - Planning for the Future: White Paper

February 2021 - Unitary Authorities: Learning from Experience 

October 2022 - Planning and the new Unitary Authorities - North Northamptonshire Council

Roadshow June 2023 crop.jpg
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