We hold regular Planning Roadshows on topics likely to be of interest to our members.  They are aimed primarily at parish councils but individual members are welcome to attend.  A typical Roadshow includes two presentations and a Q&A session with a halftime break for refreshments.  


Before Covid-19 Roadshows were face-to-face but our last two have inevitably been virtual.  The minus side of this is obvious – we sorely miss meeting members in what was an informal environment to chat about issues of mutual interest.  But there is a plus side – we get good attendances even on cold, dark evenings. 


We will be holding our next Roadshow on 16 June 2022 at Great Houghton Village Hall.  Details will be available in our What's On section shortly.


Recent topics:

October 2020 - Planning for the Future: White Paper

February 2021 - Unitary Authorities: Learning from Experience