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Local Planning Issues - July 2022

North Northamptonshire

Local Plans and Strategic Plans updates 

Corby Local Plan Part 2 - Adopted.

Kettering Borough Council Local Plan Part 2- Adopted.

Wellingborough Borough Council Local Plan Part 2 - Adopted.

East Northamptonshire Local Plan - The Inspector’s questions to the Planning Department are now being responded to following the Local Plan Hearings in April and May 2022.  

North Northamptonshire Core Strategy Scope and Issues Questionnaire was open for public consultation until 29 May 2022 to which CPRE Northamptonshire made a comprehensive response and encouraged Parish and Town Councils to participate.


Priors Hall at Corby - A large housing development with previous outline planning permissions.

Phase 2 of Weldon Park is now also underway.

CPRE action - ongoing monitoring of release of conditions.

Travellers sites at Middleton - There are three applications, all at appeal.  The Inspector’s report is awaited.

CPRE action - comments were made to the Appeal.

Land at Titchmarsh - Two areas of agricultural land, one owned by the Peterborough Diocese adjacent to Titchmarsh village and the other adjacent to Haldens Parkway (existing distribution centre adjacent to the A14), are being considered for warehousing sites.  Planning applications have now been submitted for both sites, both of which are hybrid applications with part detailed and part in outline.  There is a strong local campaign group called STAUNCH which CPRE are engaging with.

CPRE action - detailed responses have been submitted as objections to both applications. Monitoring of the progress of both applications is ongoing.

Broiler and Poultry farm south of Rushden - This is a longstanding application that was refused and resubmitted for a large-scale poultry farm in open countryside.  There is still no date for a decision and over 2,000 public comments have been submitted.

CPRE action - comments made on application by CPRE Northants and CPRE Beds.  A decision is awaited. 

Tresham Village proposals - A planning application is awaited for this new settlement on the old Deene airfield.  It is understood that the promoters are gathering more information to support the financial viability/sustainability of the project before submitting a planning application.

CPRE action – monitoring for submission of a planning application.

Weekley Hall Woods - An application for development as employment land off Weekley Wood Lane, Kettering.  This site was allocated in the Joint Core Strategy in 2011.  Despite a well-structured local campaign and petition of over 20,000 signatures, approval was granted in May 2022 on the basis that the impact was acceptable.

CPRE action - commented on application on non-conformity with original JCS policy.

Lagoon in the Welland Valley - Application submitted for a lagoon to support an anaerobic digester at another site in the valley. 

CPRE action - additional information is still awaited.

Lilford Hall  - Grade 1 listed building and park currently being sold.

CPRE action - monitoring for planning applications for restoration and future use. 

Monitoring for Appeals - Several applications which were refused over the past months are being monitored for appeals.

West Northamptonshire

Local Plans and Strategic Plans updates

South Northamptonshire Local Plan Part 2 – Adopted.  A public consultation opened on 7 July into a proposed Supplementary Planning Document for Employment Allocation.  The consultation runs until 18 August. The document will sit alongside the SNC Local Plan when it is approved.

CPRE Northamptonshire will be commenting.  It is unfortunate that such a document was not consulted upon at the same time as the Local Plan.

Northampton Borough Local Plan - The Inspector’s modifications are currently out for public comment until 18 August.

CPRE Northamptonshire will comment as appropriate.

Daventry Local Plan Part 2 - Adopted. 

West Northamptonshire Strategic Plan - Spatial Options Consultation. The public consultation closed on 24 December and the next stage is awaited.

CPRE action - following the CPRE response details of the next stage are awaited.


Greens Norton housing applications - Two applications for housing for 69 and 74 houses in open countryside.  Both applications have now been refused.  The Blakesley Hill application went to an online appeal in June.  The Mill Lane site also went to appeal but has been withdrawn.  The Inspector has now dismissed the appeal on the Blakesley Hill site so both sites are currently refused.

CPRE action - responses made to planning applications and appeals in support of local campaigning.

Towcester Application (Local Plan site AL3) - Outline application for a large-scale employment park off Tiffield Lane alongside the A43 approach to Towcester.  This was granted permission despite significant local campaigning.  A request for the application to be called in by the Secretary of State has been made but, despite backing from the local MP, the request has been turned down.

CPRE action - since the approval has been granted the Towcester Action Group along with CPRE has called for a review of all the other allocated employment sites.

Towcester DHL application (Local Plan site AL1) - A hybrid planning application with predominantly B8 warehousing has been applied for by DHL.  They have also applied to develop the adjacent site, which will result in a combined 32h site, the establishment of which would completely ruin the historic character of Towcester.  A meeting was held including the MP and the chair of DHL.

CPRE action - a robust rejection of the development has been submitted by CPRE and the outcome is awaited.

Shacks Barn/Podium Park application, A43 Whittlebury - A planning application was submitted, which, although in the SNC Local Plan, is also for a significant proportion of B8 warehousing.  The residents of Whittlebury have also asked for this to be called in.

CPRE action - a submission has been made by CPRE.  The public reaction to this application, combined with the DHL application, the Tiffield Lane hybrid application on the A43 and the Woolgrowers/Tove Roundabout application has prompted WNC to appoint consultants to draw up a supplementary planning document into the allocation of employment land in South Northamptonshire.  This is currently out for consultation as mentioned above.

CPRE action – to submit a response.

Land at Old Stratford - Concerns have been raised by a local farmer that options have been taken by developers on land around Old Stratford/Cosgrove.  The land has been allocated in the Spatial Options Consultation - a local campaign has been launched.

CPRE action - comments against the development were included in the CPRE response to the Spatial Options Consultation.

Application for 52 houses at Bugbrooke Wharf - This application is in open countryside which represents an important open space between Bugbrooke and Bugbrooke Wharf and has now been refused.  A second application has been made.

CPRE action - to comment on the application.

Application for 450 houses on land off Halse Road Brackley - This land is not allocated in the Development Plan and represents development into the open countryside.  A decision is still awaited.

CPRE Action - response made to planning application.  Now monitoring outcome. 

Application for 700 houses on land adjacent to Halse Road Brackley - This land is not allocated in the Development Plan and is outside the Brackley SUE area and therefore is in the open countryside.  A decision is awaited.

CPRE action - response made to application.  Now awaiting outcome. 

Holly Lodge Drive Boughton - Application for 65 houses in open countryside.  No decision has been made.

CPRE response - comments made on the application and the outcome is awaited.

New School at Moulton - New secondary school proposed within green wedge between Moulton village and Northampton.  This has now been granted.

CPRE action - comments made on the application.

Solar Farms - Currently there are several applications in West Northamptonshire including Greatworth and Glassthorpe.

CPRE action - responses made and applications being monitored.

Dairy Farm Upper Stowe - Following the unauthorised use of farm buildings for storage/distribution use, a planning application was refused and an appeal has now been lodged.

CPRE action - monitoring the appeal.

Land north of Banbury - An Environmental Impact Assessment application has been made on a site which is partially in Cherwell District and has been refused once at appeal for employment use.

CPRE action - to liaise with CPRE Oxfordshire and await a full planning application. 

Use of land at Husbands Bosworth for quarrying - Although not in West Northamptonshire, impact from this site will impact on the Welford conservation area.

CPRE action - to comment on the wider impact.

Housing at Daventry - Application for a large urban extension at Daventry impacting on the countryside.

CPRE action - comments made on the impact and design issues relating to the application.

Regional Planning Issues


Oxford Cambridge Arc Proposals - Spatial Framework Response

A CPRE Northamptonshire response was prepared by the Technical Secretaries group and submitted.  A government response is now awaited. Various rumours are circulating that the government is less enthusiastic about the proposals.

You can find out more about the Ox-Cam Arc at


National Planning Issues

In August 2020 the government published a white paper Planning for the Future and entered into a consultation process.  CPRE was keen to produce a OneCPRE response to the White Paper and engaged its branches, including CPRE Northamptonshire,  in the process.  Links to CPRE’s response and the White Paper itself are set out below.


Briefly, CPRE believes that Planning for the Future will seriously weaken local democracy and the scope for public input in planning matters.  The White Paper proposes that land in England be divided into three zones - ‘growth’, ‘renewal’ and ‘protected’ - and only in the protected zone would the existing system of planning applications for specific schemes remain. 


In CPRE’s view the White Paper does not place enough emphasis on the use of brownfield sites over greenfield, nor does it sufficiently recognise the chronic need for affordable housing.  CPRE welcomes many of the White Paper proposals on design, but for these to be effective the government needs to do further work to uphold good design through necessary benchmarks, particularly for energy efficiency, internal space standards, and walking and cycling access.


Since our response the government has accepted the need to change those aspects of the White Paper relating to affordable housing.  Lobbying can make a difference!   


Summary CPRE response to Planning white paper and proposals, 2020


White paper: Planning for the Future