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Local Planning Issues - November 2023

North Northamptonshire

Local Plans and Strategic Plans updates

Corby Local Plan Part 2 - Adopted. 

Kettering Borough Council Local Plan Part 2- Adopted.

Wellingborough Borough Local Plan Part 2 - Adopted. 

East Northants Local Plan - Adoption expected Autumn 2023.

North Northamptonshire Core Strategy following last year's consultation further consultations are awaited.


Travellers sites at Middleton - Three applications which went to Appeal are all being  considered by the same Inspector. The Inspector’s report is awaited.

CPRE action - Awaiting the Inspectors decisions.

Land at Titchmarsh - Both warehouse planning applications submitted for Titchmarsh are being closely monitored by STAUNCH who meet monthly where CPRE is represented by Carew Treffgarne.  Titchmarsh Historical Society had successfully achieved Scheduled Monument status for the Roman town site which is where the entrance to one of the applications is proposed. The Local Plan main modifications from the Inspector have swept aside the Development Company’s objections on grounds of greater employment and stated there should be no more B8 development beyond the already allocated sites.  This is all really good news for the STAUNCH campaign.

Broiler and Poultry farm south of Rushden – Some further consultation has taken place.

CPRE action - further objections have been made by CPRE Northants and CPRE Beds.  A decision is awaited. 

Rockingham Forest Park near Kings Cliffe - An application for the extension of tourist facilities with caravan lodges adjacent to woodland areas affecting a curlew habitat and neighbouring villages.

CPRE action - comments made on application. Decision awaited.

Tresham Village proposals - A planning application is awaited for this new settlement on the old Deene airfield.  It is understood that the promoters have delayed the submission of an application and that NNC are now reconsidering the position of the new settlement in terms of strategic housing needs. 

CPRE action – monitoring for submission of a planning application. 

Lilford Hall - The Grade 1 listed building and park has been sold and some restoration has commenced.  Recent issues include a new mounting block at the entrance.

CPRE action - ongoing monitoring of restoration and future use.

Telecommunication mast at Thurning - An application has been made for a mast in the open countryside.  There is an alternative site which is less intrusive.

CPRE action - comments were made and this has now been refused.

Solar Farm applications at Titchmarsh - application for a solar farm on agricultural land at Foxholes Farm has now been followed by a further application for another solar farm at Wood Lodge Farm, also at Titchmarsh.

CPRE action -Responses made to both applications and now monitoring outcomes.

 Weekley Hall Wood, Kettering - The application for B8 usage is being challenged by the Action Group who have a very strong following. The applicant has now lodged an Appeal due to the NNC’s non determination of the application.  There is to be a Public Inquiry commencing in November.

CPRE action - To send in a submission to the Inspector for the Inquiry stating our concerns.

Desborough Ise Valley Housing - This was approved following an Appeal at which CPRE gave evidence approx 4 years ago. Reserved matters are now being dealt with and many unresolved items were recommended for conditioning which is unsatisfactory.

CPRE action - a requested deferral by CPRE and other parties was accepted.

Tree Felling at The Walks in Wellingborough - Tree felling for road works caused a major public response and some of the trees have been given a temporary reprieve.

CPRE action - monitoring the situation as the retained trees are still in place. 

Shopfront alterations in Oundle - an historic butcher’s shop front has been altered without consent.

CPRE action - this has been reported to NNC enforcement who initially said they could not take action - CPRE is continuing to  monitor.

Kettering Energy Park -A master plan was consulted on earlier in the year which indicates a large area of B8 usage towards the parishes of  Addington and Finedon.

CPRE had not been included in the initial consultees but has made a response.  CPRE has also had a meeting with Addington PC members.

CPRE action - to monitor the situation and await the next round of consultations.

West Northamptonshire


Local Plans and Strategic Plans updates

South Northants Local Plan Part 2 – Adopted.

Northampton Borough Local Plan – Adopted.   

Daventry Local Plan Part 2 - Adopted. 

West Northamptonshire Strategic Plan - Spatial Options Consultation. Following earlier public consultation  the next consultation stage is awaited.

CPRE action - monitoring for the next stage.


Towcester Applications - The DHL proposals for AL1 are now in their 4th amendment largely relating to highways and transport. Decisions are delayed, still awaiting National Highways response.

CPRE action - It was agreed that once the committee report is available CPRE should target Planning Committee Members particularly in terms of the transport information.

Shacks Barn/Podium Park application, A43 Whittlebury - A planning application has been submitted, which, although in the SNC Local Plan, also included a significant proportion of B8 warehousing.  The residents of Whittlebury have asked for this to be called in by the Secretary of State.  There is also concern that the access will involve vehicles going through Silverstone.

CPRE action - responding to the application and awaiting the outcome.

Furtho Pitts , Towcester site  AL5 - an application has been submitted and CPRE has been contacted by the local campaigning group.  The application is dominated by B8 usage rather than a mix of employment uses.

CPRE action - to prepare a response to the application.

Application for 450 houses on land adjacent to Brackley Grange Cottages, Halse Road, Brackley - This land is not allocated in the Development Plan and represents development into the open countryside.  A decision date is now recorded for December 2023.

CPRE Action - response made to planning application.  Monitoring outcome. 

Application for 700 houses on land adjacent to Halse Road, Brackley - This land is not allocated in the Development Plan and is outside the Brackley SUE area and therefore is in the open countryside. A decision date is now recorded for December 2023.  

CPRE action - response made to application.  Awaiting outcome. 

Holly Lodge Drive, Boughton - Application for 65 houses in open countryside.  This application has now been refused.  An Appeal has now been lodged.

CPRE action -monitoring outcome of the Appeal.

Solar Farms - Currently there are several applications in West Northants including  Greatworth, Glassthorpe, Yelvertoft , Kislingbury and Flore which CPRE are monitoring.

CPRE action - responses made and applications being monitored and Planning meeting attended.   

Anaerobic Digester at Evenley - An application has recently been lodged. 

CPRE action – comments made on the application and its impact on the countryside - the outcome is awaited.

Housing at Daventry - Application for a large urban extension at Daventry impacting on the countryside. 

CPRE action - comments made on the impact and design issues relating to the application.  Awaiting outcomes.

Solar Farm application  near Daventry - this is on grade I  agricultural land by Elgin Energy.

CPRE action - response made to application - outcome awaited.

Lorry Park at Syresham - This is in open countryside close to  the village of Syresham and is not an appropriate location for such a facility - which it is accepted is needed.

CPRE action - comments made on the current application - a decision date has not yet been recorded.

Housing at Park Hall, Bugbrooke - Application for enabling development of large houses to  support the restoration of Park Hall. 

CPRE action - comments  made on the application, monitoring  outcomes.

Dodford Grange - This is a wedding venue which has applied for accommodation units on the same site.  The new build accommodation buildings are incongruous and out of character.

CPRE response - comments made on the application - monitoring outcome.

Pig farms and Slurry Tank near Welford - An application for a holding tank for slurry for a pig farm has been submitted - the farm is likely to hold up to 9000 pigs which are near residential properties.

CPRE action - comments made on the application - awaiting outcome.

Housing at Kilsby - An application has been lodged for 22 houses outside the village envelope -a similar application was refused at Appeal.

CPRE action- an objection has been submitted and the outcome is awaited.

Warehousing at Kilsby -  A proposal for warehousing close  to  DIRFT on a site included in the Core Strategy Review has been withdrawn.  However the Kilsby Action Group consider it may re-emerge.

CPRE action - To liaise with the Kilsby Action Group for further developments.

Housing at Braunston - A proposal for housing outside the village envelope and contrary to the Neighbourhood Plan.

CPRE action - an objection has been submitted, the outcome is awaited .

Housing near Quinton - An application has been made for 900 houses as an extension to Grange Park .  A smaller application has already been refused at Appeal.  This would remove the green space between Quinton and the urban edge of Northampton.

CPRE action - an objection has been submitted to the application.


Regional Planning Issues


Oxford Cambridge Arc Proposals - Spatial Framework Response

Oxford Cambridge Arc Proposals -  CPRE is monitoring developments.




National Planning Issues

In August 2020 the government published a white paper Planning for the Future and entered into a consultation process.  CPRE was keen to produce a OneCPRE response to the White Paper and engaged its branches, including CPRE Northamptonshire,  in the process.  Links to CPRE’s response and the White Paper itself are set out below.


Briefly, CPRE believes that Planning for the Future will seriously weaken local democracy and the scope for public input in planning matters.  The White Paper proposes that land in England be divided into three zones - ‘growth’, ‘renewal’ and ‘protected’ - and only in the protected zone would the existing system of planning applications for specific schemes remain. 


In CPRE’s view the White Paper does not place enough emphasis on the use of brownfield sites over greenfield, nor does it sufficiently recognise the chronic need for affordable housing.  CPRE welcomes many of the White Paper proposals on design, but for these to be effective the government needs to do further work to uphold good design through necessary benchmarks, particularly for energy efficiency, internal space standards, and walking and cycling access.


Since our response the government has accepted the need to change those aspects of the White Paper relating to affordable housing.  Lobbying can make a difference!   


Summary CPRE response to Planning white paper and proposals, 2020


White paper: Planning for the Future

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